Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Roman dragons in clouds

Takashi Murakami first solo exhibition in Italy is going on 
these days at Gagosian Gallery in Rome showing two epic
paintings, “Dragon in Clouds - Red Mutation” and “Dragon in 
Clouds - Indigo Blue” each one measuring 18 meters in length.

”The combination of red and blue with a creature that 
has long been thought as a symbol of one's destiny is my 
attempt to reaffirm my devotion to art - the creative 
process for the paintings resembled a prayer offering” 
stated the acclaimed all-around artist talking about 
his artworks inpired by Japanese cloud-and-dragon 
iconography (Unryūzu).
In Japan the dragon is considered a symbol of good  
fortune and optimism and all over the Nippon islands 
several Buddhist and Shinto temples are actually
denominated as 'dragon shrines'.

artworks © Takashi Murakami-Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd.
These monochromatic acrylic paintings are essential as tattoos, 
so far away from the artist's technicolor palette, in which 
frenetic sprayed swirls and satured brushstrokes create 
visual turbulence while the paintings scale emphasizes 
the link between art and subconscious.
A new chapter in Takashi Murakami's struggle to join 
Japanese traditional art with contemporary visual pop 
culture, a subject he masters like nobody else.

Artist portrait by Matteo Piazza

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