Wednesday, 15 December 2010

resisting the usual

Bluemâchéshoe: leather and stainless steel heel
Please don't panic, we'll get style codes squared away 
with the amazing square shoes made by experimental 
designer and shoemaker Marloes ten Bhömer who's 
unquestionably going to change the way you walk...  
without squaring off your feet.

Blackfoldedshoe: vegetable tanned leather and SS heel
Born in Duiven, the Netherlands, Marloes studied product 
design at Arnhem's Higher School of Arts before graduating 
from the Royal College of Arts in London focusing her
skills on how to design and realize groundbreaking
footwear, both provocative and unearthly.

Beigefoldedshoe: vegetable tanned leather and SS heel
The London based Dutch designer pioneered the use of 3D 
rendering to create fully functional origami-like futuristic 
shoes out of different materials from wood to tarpaulin, 
polyurethane resin as well steel and fiberglass.

Redmâchéshoe: vegetable leather with reinforced leather heel
Her strong conceptual approach, from the simplest and wearable 
shapes to the avant-garde pieces of art, is light years 
away from common shoemaking breaking down the 
traditional meaning of forms and construction ways.

Foldedshoe: wood and tarpaulin
Marloes' trendsetting kind-of-shoe-things are folded, rotational 
moulded, vacuum-formed, hand-sculpted or machine crafted 
yet amazingly constructed and even if they may look 
unwearable, they're hugely ergonomic and most of all, 
custom-built on the purchaser's foot.

Blackmâchéshoe: leather and resin
“Like some architects see the space as a starting point, my shoes 
are objects that are built around feet, they refer to shoes but 
I'm trying to get away from using conventional shoe typologies” 
the acclaimed designer stated in a past interview 
talking about the way she works which is actually closer 
to design and architecture than women's fashion.

Rapidprototypedshoe: UV cured photopolymer material
Marloes ten Bhömer's work has been exhibited in galleries 
and museums all over Europe, Japan, USA, Australia and 
has been published worldwide, she currently runs her 
namesake independent shoe label, taking on challenging 
commissions from galleries and private clients and 
designs for the Laura J London brand.
An upscale talent, totally inventive and on the square.

shoes designed for Laura J London brand

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