Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Natalie's dolled up dolls

Natalie Shau (aka Blueback) is another talent emerging 
from lively Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city (the very 
first town to erect a bust of American music genius 
Frank Zappa, by the by), a real gifted digital illustrator 
and photographer who works mainly manipulating
her own photos to create unreal gothic creatures.

Inspired by Russian classic literature as well as fairytales 
illustrations and religious imagery she keeps working 
on her solo exhibitions yet she has a soft spot for 
creating illustrations for music bands, fashion
designers, advertising agencies and writers.

“Inspiration is quite a strange thing, it may come out of nowhereor hidden away for long time” she said talking about her 
“Tangled Tales” art book: each book is signed and numbered 
by hand by the author in a limited edition of 500.

Currently living in London, the young dark artist keeps on 
representing her own state of mind persistently seeking 
beauty even in the ugliest things.

Her amazing photo-paintings are characterized by 3-D 
techniques and photographic experiments but most of 
all by a vivid imagination: her open-eyed girls 
are a canny cross between Ray Caesar's wicked
women and Erwin Olaf's pictures iconoclastic spirit 
in which Mark Ryden's echoes are all-pervading.
A visual virtuoso in her own right.


  1. wow i really love these, they are quite stunning!


  2. Ojej... 1,2 piękne... beautiful.

    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie Mikapoka :o)


  3. Amazing work, super beautiful!

    Camila F.

  4. Great shots. Love the one with the teapot.