Thursday, 16 December 2010

kitchen-garden's closet

Bubble Gum #3
Have you ever guessed fashion to be fit for human consumption?
Yes it obviously is but not to be eaten though. South Korean fine
artist Yeonju Sung actually designs edible dresses amazingly
crafting natural ingredients into spectacular silhouettes.

Spring Onion
The brainy young artist graduated from Seoul's Hong Ik 
University has quickly made her name in the art world 
thanks to her astounding series called “Wearable Food” 
in which she knocks down the core meaning of clothing 
which is plainly the ability to be worn by creating 
pictures of unwearable garments made 
out of short-lived foodstuffs.

Yeonju fell in love with photography as the main tool to create
her own vision and her striking series smartly deals with the
concept of developing images that interchange the actual
reality and the made-up reality on many levels.

Lotus Root
“I create my own world of reality by generating a completely
different set of images that contradict the conventional notion
of food and clothes. As time goes by, the food from my work
do go through a progression of disappearance due to the
nature of food and gets gradually changed into the hideous 

 state fading its shape and color in the process” 
she wrote on her website.

White Raddish
Images which are able to trigger our senses and make us think:
“I believe that a photograph could be the lie-for-good-purpose
which makes everything possible. This is why I keep 
fascinated by the role of photography as it allows 
me to experience the other type of world, which is 
very different from the actual reality”.

Yeonju Sung's pictures of dresses made of various foods will
be showcased in L.A. at the beginning of next year during the
Korean Contemporary Art Group Exhibition “Ahn-Nyung Hello”
curated by Jae Yang for Art-Merge in which four Korean artists
will explore the conceptual and visual currents igniting the
country's art scene today.

Tomato #2

all images © Yeonju Sung

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  1. Hehehe... piękne, beautiful :o) I`m choosing the dress... dress of green onion! What for the colour! What for the smell... ;o) I`m greeting you warmly in the frosty morning.