Monday, 6 December 2010

from Russia with joy

Some clothes have an energy of their own, you put 
them on and you start feeling better even in the
wettest or cold as ice climate and this is actually 
the inner quality of Ena Oreshkina's 
smartly witted line of clothes.

Born and raised between the two Russian capital cities,
the modern, busy Moscow and the enchanted and more 
relaxed town of St. Petersburg, the young designer 
assimilated the spirit of both of them taking power 
and energy from Moscow, the passion for beauty 
and detail from St.Petersburg, the so-called 
“couture capital of Russia”.

Graduated from the Institute of Design, Ena met prominent 
movers and shakers of the two-capital's art scene among 
which painter Igor Yanovskiy: they joined forces in the 
art-project and started working together inspired by 
each other founding later on “IY&ENA” clothing label.

”Wear the picture” was their unofficial catchphrase yet
the brand's purpose so they focused on full color 
printing techniques in order to reproduce Igor's 
colorful paintings. Igor's fb page here.

Recent digital printing technologies made the idea fully 
acheivable so they gave birth to a whole range of fancy 
garments including waterproof overalls, raincoats, 
windbreakers, cloaks and ponchos as well as 
fancy accessories like caps, bags, gloves and mittens.
The brand didn't grow big and even now Ena checks each 
item by herself in order to avoid defective prints.
Take a look at the brand's online shop, “Oh, Ena!” 
or simply check the fb's page for latest updates here.

Extremely fun and noticeable they all convey an optimistic
mood with enough power to put a smile on your face even 
in the worst winter weather thanks to amazing designs 
and strong color combinations in which details of
St. Petersburg's palaces, so influenced by Italian 
Baroque, or Neva embankments and Moscow's Red Square 
views go together with graceful graphic patterns.

There ain't nothing better than a wearable piece 
 of art to take the chill off this gusty winter!

all pics courtesy of “IY&ENA”

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