Wednesday, 1 December 2010

essence of womanhood

“Threading my moustache” oil on wood 112x87 cms.
I met Hayv Kahraman's women when I was living in Dubai 
and I swear I couldn't believe my eyes: I was thrilled by the 
sosphisticated elegance of these faintly aloof slender neck 
figures and their own remote from reality beauty.

“Untitled” oil on wood 127 x 87 cms.
The Iraqi born artist actually depicts women 
struggling with their own identity, contemplating with 
expressionless faces unsettling real-life circumstances 
in a precarious state of contingency.
Sort of psychoanalytical paintings yet extremely refined.

“Pick Up stick” oil on panel 116.8 x 103 cms.
Trained in a classical manner focusing on the Italian Renaissance
school of painting, Hayv has experienced through the years a wide
variety of techniques and drawing inspirations working on Oriental
sumi ink brush technique, Arabic calligraphy, ancient Greece 
iconography or Persian miniatures techniques.

“Hold still” oil on linen 172 x 107 cms.
Hayv works mainly in oil on unprimed linen or wood, the 
surface is an integral aspect of her compositions and holds 
a theoretical association with the subject so the exposed 
background creates a void that enhances the perilous 
environment inhibited by the figures.

“Migrant 1”, oil on wood 115 x 178 cms.
“Migrant 7”, oil on wood 115 x 178 cms.
Her latest “Pins and Needles” series currently on display 
in Dubai's snazziest art gallery, The Third Line, marking 
her debut solo exhibition in the UAE, has been extended 
by general request: the nth token of appreciation.

“Migrant 9”, oil on wood 115 x 178 cms.

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