Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Byzantium's Emperor

 In the arab countries a majilis  مجلس literally means ”a place 
for sitting” for family members or friends as well for special 
gatherings among common interest groups, a chill-out 
retreat covered with handmade carpets and pillows with 
hookahs and warm teapots almost everywhere.
This was quite nearly the setting in which Karl Lagerfeld 
showcased his own ”Paris-Byzance” pre-fall 2011 collection 
at Chanel's Metiers d'Arts show in Paris yesterday.

An homage to Coco Chanel's Gripoix jewelry, fully gilded 
and beading, in which plain to see embellishments stood 
out thanks to exquisite tailored and truly wearable 
classic Chanel's suits with a Byzantine effect.
Inspired by Byzantium's Empress Theodora ...she was a 
circus artist who became Empress, like Chanel, who was 
a little singer and became the Empress of fashion...” 
the collection shows amazing knits with interwoven
 gold thread, jewel-tone satin or sparkly polka dots 
dresses as well black silk edged with snaking stones.

You may look for the catwalk show at the brand's iconic 
Rue Cambon store on many fashion websites: I'd rather 
prefer to show you the breathtaking studio pictures 
taken by Karl Lagerfeld himself. 
As you may know he's not only one of the greatest fashion
designers yet also a renowned photographer, not to mention 
the expert manager who perfectly knows how to harden 
and carry on Chanel's heritage through the next decades.

All images by Karl Lagerfeld via

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