Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baltic charm

Tomas Kauneckas is one of the most recognized Lithuanian
photographers in fashion and advertising fields.
He started his own career as a wedding photographer but
quickly turned himself into a reporter working for
newspapers and magazines and also on assignment for
Corbis and Getty Images agencies.

In 2004 Tomas co-founded Cyclopes photo-production house
together with a group of talented visual professionals devoted
to always tell a story with their own works: a vision made of
style and substance which is able to capture beauty as well
as to unveil the hidden reality behind things.

Cyclopes business was brisk and it quickly became 
one of the biggest production (postproduction 
and image finishing, too) houses of commercial 
photography in the Baltic States offering
full range of services for professional shooting.

I've been so enthralled by the pictures of their own
fashion shoot #2 which works like a charm bearing the
genuine taste of a bygone era and its pleasant 
old-fashioned mood: a meeting of friends somewhere 
in the north countryside in the bucolic setting of an elegant 
farm house bathed in the gleaming light of early fall.
The unmistakable taste of northernmost places.

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