Tuesday, 28 December 2010

2010 style facts_part 2

Sunset at Worthy Farm during the 40th anniversary edition
of Glastonbury Festival (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Our trip down the 2010 memory lane goes on browsing 
through the year's facts and figures highlighting the 
fashion-related ones of the second half of the year.

Anna Dello Russo in Jil Sander's floral dress, photo by Jonathan Frantini
July_trendsetting Anna 

Anna Dello Russo created a media frenzy reaching a celebrity
status like only supermodels did: she spent 25 years working
as fashion editor for Vogue Italia before moving to Vogue Nippon
but she prefers the focus to be on what she wears rather 
than her invisible behind-the-scenes daily work.
She actually turned dressing into performing art by modeling 
for Giles Deacon's debut show at Ungaro as well for the
Lanvin for H&M grand launch and also gracing covers and 
editorials of a dozen magazines, printing out photographs of 
herself in ten best-loved outfits of hers across a limited 
edition range of t-shirts for yoox.com, running her own 
website and signing her 'Beyond' signature fragrance.
What a hive of activity after being pretty well invisible for decades.
Moral of the story: it's never too late to become a star...
when you have what it takes!

Stock image

August_fully-grown shopping habit

Online shopping has fully-grown over the year and keeps
expanding despite the economic slowdown (or maybe 
thanks to it). During the last few months online sales 
reached approximately 10% of all retail sales in USA 
while in Europe they're expected to hit 115 billion €s by 
2014 with an astonishing growth rate of 12% per year. 
Of course much of the growth is seen through
seasonal timeframes such as Christmas, Mother's and 
Valentine's Day yet traditional retailers don't have to 
worry: plenty of buyers will still be shopping in store 
like on London's Boxing Day sales rampages.

chart created by: Ross Dawson, disegn by Danil Alexandrov

September_power to the people

Crowdsourcing briskly became business new frontier 
providing user-generated solutions in different areas 
such as data sharing, distributed innovation, 
marketplace services and crowdfunding.
Fashion brands are putting more importance on their 
customers using it to gather new ideas or to better 
fulfil customers needs and you can easily spot 
different, enthralling options.
The empowered web community finally has its say, 
whether it's customising stock items, designing or 
creating products itself or investing in others creations.  
Italian's WMATY shoe design contest or t-shirts design
platforms such as Springleap, Threadless or Shicon;
the consumer-driven trending ones like Style Hop and 
Polyvore or crowdfunding models such as Fashion Stake, 
Catwalk Genius and Cameesa to name a few are 
shaking up the fashion world like peer-to-peer 
file sharing altered music depletion.

Lanvin H&M poster campaign, photo by David Sims
October_the year's smash hit

Lanvin's designer Alber Elbaz aroused fashionistas in turmoil
when the celebrated French brand's flagship store opened 
on NYC Madison Ave. and moreover for the anxiety-provoking
Lanvin - H&M joint capsule collection.
Couture-like outfits catered to everyone through the Swedish
high-street retailer went quickly sold-out in all countries 
with an extraordinary customer reaction.
Shoppers mobbed H&M stores while bloggers and fans 
clapped hands in glee boosting up heed and revenues.
The Stockholm based company keeps going on its venture 
to launch once per year a joint capsule collection with 
a famed designer as a winning marketing strategy.

Mr. Bernard Arnault sitting in front row at Parisian
catwalks with actress Charlize Theron, photo AP
November_the handbags war

Historical French luxury brand Hermès reacted with 
dismay discovering that LVMH's Chairman and CEO Bernard 
Arnault soundlessly acquired a 17% stake in the historical family 
firm: they claimed Arnault built up his stake using a shadowy, 
 yet legal, derivates system masking the buyer's identity.
The so called 'handbags war' was declared at the end 
of a year in which Hermès experienced a 20% surge 
in sales despite the sector's slowdown.
As you know Mr. Arnault made his luxury goods empire 
buying Moët & Chandon, the world's biggest champagne 
maker as well fashion houses like, among many others, 
Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Céline, Fendi, Kenzo, Givenchy.
Indignant at being the object of suspicion the big boss said 
he was friendly and keen to protect the French label from 
Chinese interest, a statement Hermés snapped back 
as “pure invention”. The tussle's going on as business 
rivals and the Paris stock market watchdog 
both brands activity.

Mrs. Carine Roitfeld, photo by Karl Lagerfeld

December_Carine's unpredicted mise à pied

In a shocking move ten days ago Mrs. Carine Roitfeld affirmed
she will step down as French Vogue editor in chief saying 
that she thinks “it's time to do something different”.
A beacon of style whose powerful connections in the top
fashion community happened to cause her some troubles
in terms of impartiality as an editor not to mention the
shocking of being banned from Balenciaga last season. 
Rumors of doubtful truth (no Wikileaks reports though) 
are currently circulating about the way Roitfeld
asked fortunes for extracurricular consultancies 
as well how she allegedly borrowed Balenciaga's 
preview pieces switching them to Max Mara.
Some say she was fired for not abiding by LVMH group's
request which apparently complain the too few brand's
credits in this month's Vogue issue threatening Condé 
Nast with the complete withdrawal of LVMH ads 
from the next: as to say her or us!
Mrs. Roitfeld will leave the magazine at the end of January,
she's rumored to join her longtime collaborator Tom Ford 
in his new womenswear venture but you may never know.
Anyway I wish her good luck, whatever floats her boat.


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    It almost seems like a very quiet exit of the year 2010... This is again a great blog about some interesting style facts from the year behind us.
    Wishing you some peaceful days of reflection,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  2. Oh what wonderful fashion world gossip - delicious stuff!! Thanks for taking the time to share here:). And thank you for the lovely comment - but I'm not sure what WFF is? Oh dear, I've made a terrible faux pas haven't I - I probably should know what it is and that I should be going!;) xoxoxo