Saturday, 13 November 2010

Yas glittering appeal

In the next few hours F1 world champion will be proclaimed 
at the end of Abu Dhabi's Etihad Grand Prix.
Last year I was there for the debut race on the brand new 
Yas Marina racetrack even if I'm not a fan of speed racing.
My hubby who attended the race said it was quite a bit boring
but not for me: my attention was caught by the staggering 
curvilinear shape of Yas Hotel in which the circuit 
actually makes its way through.

I was thrilled by the awareness I was staring at a brand new 
architectural world landmark, just the first one of the several 
signature buildings the city will soon be proud of.  
Designed by New York based Asymptote Architecture
firm founded by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture (!) 
the building's bulky shape can be easily seen from a distance 
and if it looks beautiful at daylight it becomes magic 
at dusk when the pivoting diamond shaped glass panels 
start shimmering illuminated by thousands of
fixture LED lights continuously changing color.

Like drapes, the pulsing lights gently wrapping the glass grid 
beat with waves of color as throbbing while making the 
illusion of an amazing giant sequined dress: what a dazzling 
experience, except for the dreadful noise all around. 
BTW, let the best driver win!


  1. It's very interesting !
    I'm so fine :) Thank you for your comment !
    I will take more fantastic photos than before :)

  2. belloooo!! all this light and colours at night!!!

  3. ...and you look so glamourous!!!!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful city - but I'm freaking out over that amazing necklace you're wearing!! xo