Monday, 15 November 2010

tighten up corsets

Following yesterday's architectural post through I introduce 
you to a talented duo of architects, urban planners, business 
owners and designers of fancy structural fashion accessories: 
Becca McCharen and Emily Kappes.
They met while studying architecture at Charlottesville's University
of Virginia before founding their own label, Chromat, in 2006.

”Architecture school was very process oriented. 
We did a lot of research about the context of a building 
before we designed it. We made many iterations of a 
single idea and then we edited them. That's exactly 
what we do with our clothing designs...” says McCharen
which is also Lynchburg's city planner working in revitalization 
projects ” a designer, be it urban, architecture or fashion 
design, I rely heavily on site and context as a guide for design. 
It's the layers of meaning in each of these 
context clues that inform what I do.”

Drawing from their combined theoretical backgrounds in 
architecture and urban design Chromat focuses on “interior 
and exterior structural experiments for the human body”.
The ss11 shōji cage collection is inspired by samurai warrior armors,
folded origami cranes: in traditional Japanese architecture a shōji 

-障子- is a door, window or room divider made of translucent 
paper upon a wood frame, designed to slide open. 

The collection features symmetrical chest cage structures, 
crane shoulders, zippered body coops and overdressing
corset-kind of amazing harnessed garments, quite hot 
and spruce in a deliberate act of “poetic vandalism”. 
Every single piece is hand made and one of a kind, the 
perfect hands-on antidote to daily computer-aided 
building plans drafting routine.

all photos by Johnny Fogg

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