Friday, 26 November 2010

steppin' out of the fringe_take 3

FF10 finalist Alice Palmer, photo by Jayden Tang for
Alice Palmer has a background in Textiles, graduated
from Glasgow School of Art she started selling fashion
accessories before moving to London to study at the
Royal College of Art as well to launch her own knitwear
label in 2008 briskly making a name for herself with
cutting-edge structural pieces.

Alice's ss11 collection, entitled “Fossil Warriors”, was inspired 
by dinosaurs bones following a visit to London's Natural History 
Museum so she came to implement those intricate structures
into knitwear by using 3-D knitting techniques combined with 
pleating, manipulating and sculpting the fabric applying them to 
a modern silhouette influenced by Japanese architecture.

She actually spent two years at the R.C.A. developing a 
new way of constructing knitwear which teams traditional 
techniques with unconventional methods and amazingly 
with no fabric waste: the result is a quite sculptural, 
technical collection which flatters the female body using 
soft durable fabric such as silks. Easy to wear as well 
to enhance each and every woman's appearance.

catwalk photos by: Chris Moore/
The 'Fringe three' with John Galliano

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  1. Gorgeous manipulation of fabric!
    Love these dresses!