Wednesday, 24 November 2010

steppin' out of the fringe_take 2

FF10 finalist Jade Kang, photo by Jayden Tang for
Jade Kang's collection was inspired by the organic shape
of muscle and skin fibres of the human body in curious
combination with modern architecture structures juxtaposing 
rigid and delicate elements; our body influenced even
its warm color palette made of smoky coral red,
creamy orange and soft grey.

Born and raised in South Korea, Jade studied fine arts and
fashion design in his home city of Seoul developing a signature
styling of diversified tailoring, urban femininity and 
contemporary romanticism which led him to take the role 
of senior designer for Korean label Koogi and
later for Mool ltd before moving to London in 2002.

Upon graduating from London Fashion College Jade worked
for Giles at Giles Deacon studios on his 2006/7 collections 
before his remarkable skills as pattern cutter led him
to associate work with Alexander McQueen and 
Jonathan Saunders for their 2008 collections
launching later on his namesake uptown label.

His collection plays with the idea of soft garments with 
structured bodice and corset in which light corsetry is blended 
in or layered over and away from the body in a constant game
of movement and restriction within the garments using soft
fabrics such as chiffon, silk and organza carefully draped around
the body. Day looks for the contemporary woman glowing with
her own individual personality, encouraging her to be exclusive.

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  1. I didn't kow desinger too. I should visit your blog often, it's always great to learn something new.
    I love the first dress and the grey dress, they are both stunning