Tuesday, 23 November 2010

steppin' out of the fringe_take 1

FF10 winner Corrie Nielsen, photo by Jayden Tang for fashion156.com
Covent Garden's Fashion Fringe was created in 2003 by fashion
historian and Sunday Times style contributor Collin McDowell
together with IMG Media Company to help British fashion get back
its place as a powerhouse of pioneering originality targeting
talented young designers to make a dynamic fringe event to
coincide with London Fashion Week major exhibition.

Stepping out from the outer fringes of British fashion establishment
new sustainable designers created fancy capsule collections 
with a realistic practical target plan and that's precisely what 
the nationwide contest aims to look for: not only designers 
who are able to dream yet designers with a strong will 
to turn their own dreams into reality.

This year's edition put to show the challenge to reinvent the 
sense of creative adventure in UK's fashion continuing the 
tradition of iconoclastic visionary designers like Vivienne 
Westwood, Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen.
No wonder talismanic  'Mr. 35-collections-a-year' John Galliano 
was asked to join the event as chairman to help select and 
sustain the worthiest young talent.

The three finalist designers were: Corrie Nielsen, the eventual 
winner, former Central Saint Martins alumna, Jade Kang, a 
graduate from London College of Fashion and Alice Palmer
Royal College of Art graduate.
They were given a budget along with studio space in summertime
from the London College of Fashion to produce their capsule
collections prior to the catwalk show at The Flower Cellars.

Florida born Corrie Nielsen was announced as the winner: 
her “Georgian Satires” collection has an aristocratic taste 
inspired by 18th century French fashion as well from 
English illustrators, she bears a sense of dramatic shape
with an eye to costume history and a “bookish“ approach 
to her research: “It's essential to know as much as possible 
about what came before so that you can draw on it, 
twist it and turn it around” she said.

Striking, bold colors with a skilled feminine cut, royal blue 
waist-tied trousers matched with soft pink ruffled tops, 
an amazing Marie Antoinette-esque gown with a large panier 
and thick grey fabrics shoulder-structured ensembles with 
an obvious stylistic affinity to John Galliano's works 
yet with so much hints to be exploited in the future. 
Because we all certainly hear more from Corrie Nielsen soon.

catwalk photos by Charlotte Jones

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    That is indeed 'out of the fringe!'
    Wonder how they take care of all these garments; the ironing... Great to LOOK at but not very practical in real life I guess.

    Have a great week!

    Mariette's Back to Basics