Thursday, 4 November 2010

sleepless talent

“I never sleep and forever I dream. Insomnia is the story of my 
own life...” stated the emerging gifted designer Daniella Hod 
talking about her “Generation Insomnia” graduate collection 
inspired “ the different layers of consciousness,
the process of sleep or the lack of it...”.

When I first saw the collection's lookbook I suddenly fell in love 
with the romantic mood of it: top-notch styling, gorgeous dresses, 
stirring images digitally retouched  to achieve the smoothness 
of outmoded paintings yet what really thrilled me at a glance 
was the juxtaposition between shadow and transparency, 
powdery tones and dark hues, sheer impalpable fabrics and 
heavy structured knitworks (and you know how much I love 'em)
which is strongly able to emphasize the sense of comfort
and drowsy cocooning.

Daniella Hod is a recent fashion and design graduate from AMFI
Amsterdam Fashion Institute, whose 'Fashion Transit' graduation 
event's 5th anniversary has been celebrated last June at the World 
Fashion Centre showing the young talented designers collections.
I couldn't resist to pair some of the otherworldly lookbook 
pictures together with the catwalk show ones:
hope you like them as much as I do.

'Fashion Transit' catwalk photos by: Peter Stigter via AMFI


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Wow, these catwalk models look almost like they're seriously growing angel wings for the season! But... the warm padding on the shoulder part makes me shiver when looking at their tootsies poking out of their shoes! Brrrrrr

    Lovely greetings from Georgia/USA


  2. I always thank you for sharing new thins and new designers. But Today, I had a crash on Daniella's work!! Really!! It's so amazing!! and I love the concept. THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKAPOKA my darling!!!! BACI!!!!


  3. OMG, lookbook photos are simply gorgeous!!! <3

  4. I love all the shoulder details! Super pretty!

    Camila F.