Wednesday, 10 November 2010

romantic she-warriors

Still digging into tomboyish womenswear I stumbled across 
the striking works of Rachel Freire, a London based 
designer whose background in fine arts is clearly 
detectable as well her taste for historical costumes.

Graduated in 2006 from Central Saint Martins with a BA in 
Theatre Design Rachel is incredibly self taugh in pattern 
cutting and tailoring yet she uses imagery 
to create lyrical emotions.

Her brand new ss11 capsule collection, “The girl I never was” 
suddenly brings to mind French retro atmospheres, more 
from the interior design context than clothing, but I love 
the way she's able to decode military style mixing it with 
sheer fabrics and silk jersey while ironically reinventing
the toile de Jouy with the amazing illustration made 
by Victoria McGrane of Neurotica design label.

But was her previous aw10 collection “Future Noir”  to took 
my breath away at the very first glance with its amazing 
dolled-up armor-like shoulder shrugs worn over oatmeal 
colored body suits, jeweled headpieces and latex suits
all so edgy and imaginative that you may like or not 
but sure as shootin' you could not ignore.

I guess Rachel is so clever in balancing virtousic ideas 
with much more wearable ones still keep going her strong 
image unity that parallels, rather than supports, 
her conceptual imagery.

As I see it “Future Noir” is a milestone in Freire's quest 
to consolidate her own fashion identity that could reach 
a broader market while still managing to satisfy 
her unslakable thirst for creativity.

photos 1-4 by Grant Thomas, all pics from the designer's website



  1. Ciao Mikapoka,
    napiszę po polsku, wybacz, może uda się przetłumaczyć. Ale bardzo, bardzo chcę już spać. To bardzo interesujące stroje, powiedziałabym... erotyczne. A pierwsze zdjęcia sukienek - bardzo mi się podobają.

    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie.
    Życzę Ci łagodnej jesieni i zimy niezbyt mroźnej. Ja w Polsce przyzwyczajona jestem do mrozów -30'C

    :o) Dorota

  2. thank you for the lovely message you left on my blog-very sweet of you :)