Wednesday, 17 November 2010

overburdened inspiration

May a brilliant, creative idea work twice or more times?
Having recently stumbled across the stirring works of two totally
different kind of photographers, both French though, 
whose common inspiration is sourced from China's
overloaded cargo-bikers I'm inclined to say yes, it does.

Black & white pics are from La Repubblica's “D” women's 
weekly supplement “Nothing to declare” editorial made 
by Narbonne-born fashion photographer and short movies 
director Christophe Kutner, styling by Patrizia Massaia,
showing handbags and lavish accessories by the dozen. 
So amusing.

You may have previously spotted the astonishing color 
images of the “Totem” series by Paris-based photographer 
Alain Delorme which came to resonate on lots of websites, 
actually Chinese netizens appreciated these unusual views 
of bike workers in Shanghai hugely sharing them. 
So amazing.
The starting point of Delorme's inspiration can be 
perpetuated ad libitum whilst offspring interpretations 
would eventually look fresh and on the fringe.

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  1. Overburdened!!! Cute theme!! I love it!!! Ciaooo