Sunday, 21 November 2010

Iris' winning touch

Back in July I made a post about Dutch talented designer
Iris Van Herpen whose “Crystalization” collection I suddenly
fell in love with (here) that's the reason why I'm so pleased
to know she is the grand winner of Dutch Fashion Award 2010.

Not only she has been awarded with the Mercedes-Benz 
Dutch Fashion Award last week in The Hague, she even won 
the Dutch Fashion Accessory and the Incubator Awards 
becoming the front runner of contemporary creative talents 
Netherlands has to offer to the international fashion world.

Iris graduated from the HBO, ArtEz Academy of Visual Arts 
in Arnhem in 2006 and has worked on fashion shows of 
Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf in Paris, collaborated 
with choreographer Nanette Linning and showed her 
own collections at major fashion week events.
Her aw10-11 collection called “Synesthesia” achieved 
great acclaim and a huge press coverage.

The winning designer shows the kind of pure creativity 
and modernity that can be projected into couture and 
anything off from there” stated Dutch Fashion Awards'
jury presenting Iris' impressive talent, her own original 
sculptural technicality and knowledge in the use 
of fabrics and materials.

all lookbook photos by: Rollan Didier, styling by Yasuhiro Takehisa

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