Saturday, 13 November 2010

glamorous Jakarta

Yesterday Jakarta Fashion Week closed down after a cracking, 
industrious week with more than one hundred of Indonesia's 
leading fashion designers partaking the bewitching event.
Regrettably I've never been in north Java but thanks to the 
comprehensive, flawless dedicated website I had 
the opportunity to follow and enjoy day by day 
the showcase's wealth in talents and creativity.

Albert Yanuari's collection excerpts
Anna Schmidt's collection excerpts

JFW is held annualy to promote Indonesian fashion industry 
turning Jakarta into a major fashion hub and it's organized 
by the event management company Azura Activation 
which is part of Femina Group media corporation,
the first women's magazine group of the country 
for the capital city's Fashion Council.

Dewi Syifa's collection excerpts
Eny Ming's collection excerpts
I saw hundreds of interesting capsule collections and designs, 
mostly inspired by the country's rich heritage with fancy
traditional fabrics side by side with more futuristic ideas: 
I just made this very small selection among the most
wearable and Western oriented outfits but you have to
check them all, swear you'll be thunderstruck!

Ghea Panggabean's collection excerpts

Hian Tjen's collection excerpts
JFW's logo and all pics © Femina gp. & Azura Activation, 2010

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