Saturday, 6 November 2010

deer hunting in Moscow

“I'm going hunting  I'm the hunter 
I'll bring back the goods  but don't know when. 
I'm going hunting   I'm the hunter   I'm the hunter.”
 Bjork, 'Hunter', 1998

From childhood Anna Miminoshvili continuously drew 
sketches to her parents dismay, both architects by profession, 
but she undoubtedly inherited her parents talent. 
The young Georgian fashion designer living and working 
in Moscow made her name in textile design while 
studying at Moscow Textile Institute.

She later trained at the University of Fashion and Design 
in Lyon, France, as well in the Polish city of Lodz before 
making her debut 'Fight Club' collection which was noticed 
by the juries of “Russian Silhouette” and “Admiralty Spire” 
competitions for its fine quality.
Anna briskly came to fully develop her style made of complex 
cut and plasticity of tissues making beautiful structural 
dresses with avant-garde details.

Her latest “Deer Hunter” ss11 collection, presented at
Moscow Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago, is focused 
on duality: both male and female, hunter and prey, 
models hit the runway disguised as hunters, deer and birds 
to underline the uneasy connection between human 
life and the unbridled forces of nature.

Her high-end dresses remind me for some reasons the Italian
couture cocktail dresses of the 50's like the ones made by
Fontana sisters' atelier in Rome, show petal shaped soft suede 
and black spider's web textures exclusively made of natural fabrics.
Employing a sophisticated color palette in which she skillfully
rotates black & white with makeup-like dusty tones Anna 
shows her own concept of elegance: she's equally a gifted 
fashion photographer, costume designer and illustrator.

Anna Miminoshvili is a real talent to watch.

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