Tuesday, 9 November 2010

boyfriend's style

Seated at my notebook in my hubby's sweater while outside
a sudden downpour is filling gutters and drains I couldn't imagine
a better moment to indulge in the equisitely tailored  
Anna Thomas' current autumn-winter collection.
The young yet experienced Melbourne designer produced a
sophisticated range of outfits with timeless silhouettes, fantastic
winter fabrics and a captivating boyish look I can hardly resist.

An impressive collection that clearly challenges femininity 
with its strong colors and bold prints, tweed, checkered 
patterns and luxurious European winter fabrics made 
of streamlined coats and trenches, cropped jackets, 
blazers, long-sleeved dresses and structured trousers 
with a charming mannish appeal.

Thumbs up for Anna Thomas' collection, actually it's not 
easy to design such a clean yet not minimalistic collection, 
bon ton yet kicky, sometimes smartly winking at the 40's 
and 50's allure, so voguish and full of personality,
squint yet extremely elegant.
A well made sartorial collection fully showing the Down
Under brand's taste for luxury and the whole worth 
of skillfully crafted pieces, I dare to say she's 
the most Italian of overseas designers.

> all pics from the designer's website <


  1. Utterly stunning tailoring! I especially love the houndstooth and green coats in the first pix. xoxo

  2. I find skeletal models quite off-putting. She looks as if she is about to die. Has she?