Friday, 5 November 2010

Alba's prismatic dresses

Alba Casellas is a young fashion designer from Barcelona,
the awe-inspiring city on the coast of northeastern Spain 
worldwide renowned for the avant-garde buildings by 
one-off architect Antoni Gaudì i Cornet (1852-1926), 
the leading advocate of Catalan Modernism movement.

Casellas' works have nothing to do with the organic-like, 
nature inspired traits of Gaudì's architecture nonetheless 
her “Prisma project” which is based upon geometric 
shapes and forms has a distinctive modernist taste.

While Gaudì's style is characterized by the predominance 
of curves over straight lines, rich decorations and dynamic 
shapes, Casellas' geometric constructed dresses are essential: 
lines are straight, shapes are made of triangles and parallel 
rectilinear figures with no details, expanding two-dimensional 
geometric designs up to structured garments.

Inspired by a sort of a Tetris panel pattern in which the designer 
puts different pieces matching more or less with the whole geometric
structure, cloths are angle-folded and stitched in the dressmaking 
process in order to adapt geometry to the human body, 
shapes modeled on paper, cut along and folded in a 
manufactured 3-D-like rendering.

The result is simply amazing and these dresses are astonishingly 
wearable and immediately flattering.

photos 1- 5 by Paco Leon - photos 6 - 7 by Rebeca Saray, stylist Ivanna Bort

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