Wednesday, 6 October 2010

a thankless legacy

Sarah Burton got the unenviable task of replacing one of 
the most innovative fashion creators of the last decades, 
the late and much lamented Alexander Lee McQueen: 
she was the focus of public attention with her 
first s/s 11 collection, unveiled yesterday in PFW.

Each and every aspect of her work was actually placed under 
scrutiny but McQueen's former assistant proved to have 
what it takes to carry on the brand's reputation thanks 
to the utter interaction with it as well being
accessed to retrieve older archive designs.

The collection is quite a bit less theatrical than before yet 
all the house features are there: haute couture-like tailored 
outfits in plain white canvas or brocade, laser cut 
black leather, golden straw dresses with long feathers, 
intertwined cornstalk fibers bustiers and amazing 
butterflies dresses and shoes.

The typical McQueen's touch hasn't changed, Sarah just 
softened it giving a more relaxed version of the designer's 
particular vision: it's hard to judge whether such optimism 
is justified but it will certainly be interesting to see 
how she will shape her own vision from now on.
All eyes will be riveted on her again 
so keep up the good work Sarah!

all photos by Gianni Pucci/


  1. It is wonderful. Those butterfly shoes are amazing... difficult to wear though.

  2. wow...It's amazing creation.
    First dress and butterflies shoes is breathtaking...

  3. Wow I am so glad that McQueen's legacy is living on. I was worried about the brand after he died, so I'm happy it's still quite theatrical. ;)

  4. wow..nice post you have...she's so gorgeous..and the dress is so it...keep it up..