Friday, 22 October 2010

technorigami clothes

The future of fashion lies in extending the frontier of 
knowledge finding new environmentally friendly ways 
to make clothing bringing on the art of creation yet 
developing new products that reflect what people need.
Japanese fashion icon Issey Miyake and his Reality Lab., 
a research and development team formed by the designer 
in partnership with textile and pattern engineers Kikuchi Manabo 
and Yamamoto Sanchiko, came to present “132 5. Issey Miyake” 
collection, a range of clothing that expand from two-dimensional 
geometric shapes into structured origami-like garments.

The Reality Lab., formed back in 2007 and based upon 
collaboration and teamwork, produced an unprecedented 
collection of ten basic two-dimensional patterns which 
eventual clothing items being decided by the lines 
they're cut along and the way they are folded in position.
The designer used a computer modelling program created 
by mathematical researcher Mitani Jun to create 3-D
shapes to be modeled in paper adding cuts and fold lines 
until they can be square-flattened.

Japan is the country of beautifully-made things but this 
brand new process strikes a balance between being 
fashionable and wearable being really pioneering: each 
single garment is folded into a square, when one grasps its 
top and pulls it upwards a three-dimensional shape is revealed, 
produced by the folds and determined by all acute 
angles and triangles that build up the item's structure.

The basic patterns impressively become skirts, pants 
or one-piece dresses depending on the cut-lines in altered 
positions with many clothing variations made by various 
scales and combinations of the same shape.
Beauty when folded, free-flowing elegance when worn:

Miyake merges mathematics with the art of making clothes 
forging new connections between fashion design, revolutionary 
recycled fibers and the human form always looking at each 
piece from the standpoint of its aesthetics and comfort.

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