Sunday, 3 October 2010

punk's not dead

At Paris Fashion Week, running on these days, punk makes its 
comeback in some of the superstar designers s/s 11 collections: 
JPG, who opened his own catwalk show with Gossip's band 
plump frontwoman Beth Ditto, took inspiration from 80's 
streetstyle presenting punky models with come-hither 
looks, heavy make up, destroyed fishnet stockings, lots 
of zipped biker leather jackets and S&M hints.

Chez Balmin real bad girls are dressed in black safety-pinned 
leather bustiers; black, white or red perfectos covered
by a profusion of metal studs worn over skintight
acid-washed or shiny red jeans. It makes me think
this is actually the deluxe, high-priced version of
what we see on the streets and at rock concerts
long since Malcom Mc Laren assembled the Pistols.

Balenciaga's punk, on the contrary, is just the starting block 
for a collection which is a perfect blend of creativity and 
technology: a cool graphic streetstyle look made of varnished 
leather with oversized houndstooth patterns, tailored
blazers, cropped trousers and men's shirts.
Ghesquière's new collection has a strong identity despite 
a bit androgynous, boyish aesthetic and it's quite 
offbeat and innovative, definitely my favorite 
rendition of good old punk style.

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