Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mika's addiction to color

Chiaki Kuriyama
In the past seven years one of the most acclaimed Japanese
photographer, Mika Ninagawa, published several books achiving
best selling success thanks to her unique style which may
remind Cheyco Leidmann's for the intense and saturated colors
altough Mika's visual approach is totally personal and voguish.

Jessica Michibata
Her forthcoming book for Rizzoli New York will show 
amazingly vivid celebs portraits, mostly from Japan, 
conceived and constructed as tableaux, 
pictures ablaze with passion under her distinctive
vibrant hues as well her own visions fundamentals: 
flowers and butterflies.

Yayoi Kusama
Mika, it sounds familiar to this blog's name by pure 
coincidence by the way, also came to realize her directional 
debut with “Sakuran” entering the Biennale special section
of Berlin's International Film Festival in 2007 outlining 
her enthusiastic devotion to colorful imagineering.

Erika Sawajiri
Cameron Diaz > all photos by Rizzoli/ <


  1. nice photos, love brights myself!

  2. wow, love these brights. The one with the butterflies with shades of turquoise and purples is great.

  3. wow! the colours are gorgeous! perect eye candy!! you have a wonderful blog! :))) X

  4. She's very famous in Japan.I can feel power from her pics.She's got a good eye for colour! :D

  5. this is great inspiration blog...and originality ;))) i like...

  6. I love mika ninagawa (and mikapoka!hehe)too! and Yayoi kusama! she rocks!

  7. such a nice photo. love it!! <33

  8. How are you?:)
    I watched "Sakuran" before.
    Her color is very unique!