Saturday, 30 October 2010

insane asylum

Tomorrow night the whole world will celebrate Halloween, 
the eve of All Saints' Day: children will solicit candy or 
treats door-to-door wearing costumes, carving jack-o'-lanterns, 
attending costume parties or watching horror movies while 
the grown-ups will entertain themselves committing pranks or 
being involved in more heinous practices and unorthodox behavior.

So let's celebrate this Halloween weekend with the amazing 
photos taken by my young Canadian friend (on facebook at least) 
Jason Stasiw of Spun Photography, the unique and creative 
freelance photo service from Thunder Bay, Ontario, 
who came to realize together with multimedia company
Crystal Sync Productions “Insane Asylum”, a series
of grungy portraits mixing horror, sexy and fashion.

Jason and his talented associates, makeup artist Jess Muloin 
and hair stylist Amanda Puukila, found an asylum-esque 
location as well some creepy ways to separate light to make 
this outstanding photo shoot dressing the young model with 
garter belt fishnet stockings and straitjacket in reference 
I guess to something that restricts freedom of action 
or expression. Such an original spooky trail which is 
actually stylish much more than scary.

All pics by Jason Stasiw (obviously on the left)
Have a Happy Halloween Weekend Everybody!


  1. Never saw the women in insane asylums wearing high heels and pantyhose ...must be mens fashion ideal something or other ...getting tired of that but otherwiise...

  2. Cool! Happy Halloween to you as well :D
    (thanks for commenting on my blog by the way!)

  3. Agree with anonymous. Woman need to stop being viewed as sexual objects for everything. Would be nice to see something tasteful!!