Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ink & wash textile masterworks

“I consider myself being a fashion designer and an artist as well.
I adore drawing, especially ink brush painting. Every color may be
expressed by simple monochromatic ink and wash, drawn on
traditional Japanese paper...” these words come from one of
the most acclaimed designers of Japan, Koshino Iroko.

She has been hardworking for more than 50 years
in her own proficient way taking inspiration from anything
that catches her eyes, from traditional culture to street
fashion earning with strength, vitality and a 
remarkable aptitude for style a global recognition.

She's the quintessential stylist: strong, imaginative and
self-confident and not only a prolific fashion designer,
she's also a well-respected calligraphy artist
as well a gifted painter. Her artistic concept is
the “suibokuga” 水墨画, the typical Japanese water-ink
monochromatic painting style using gradiations to create 
a sense of light and shade usually on silk or traditional paper,
a pictorial technique who shares many features with calligraphy.

The preparatory designs for her ss11 collection started from drawing 
paintings: half of them are single color suibokuga, other half are
colorfully inspired by the magic of Vietnam and these paintings
are the original design and unique textile for the collection.

She shows her homeland's cultural heritage aesthetics
made of volume and layering but expressed in a Western 
framework yet again exploring the strained relations between 
strong Occidental influences and Japanese core values.

All season's themes are in it: geometric shapes, floral
patterns with a 50's allure, navy style and ethnic touches,
minimalistic black: once again her artworks come to life 
thanks to her timeless, unmitigated elegance.

photos by: Shimamura Koji/


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