Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hong Kong garden

I've been working hard all day long and I have to keep it on
even tonight 'cause my deadline is tomorrow morning, but
I can't miss the exciting opportunity to show you the powerful
images by Hong Kong-based photographer Hung Ng.

His “Dragon Garden” series of pictures is too amazing to 
take no notice of: lush landscaped gardens in the former 
British dependency returned to China in 1997 are the 
gorgeous background for this surreal 'geometric geisha' 
shoots showcasing his righteous aptitude and skill.

Hung Ng and his own h5 production imagine service provider
is specialized in fashion, beauty and portraiture supplying 
model casting, location scouting, styling, make up and hair 
and this photo session perfectly shows the quality 
of the services his team is able to provide.
Anyway I recommend you to take a closer look to 
his own unrivaled portfolio of quality pictures, 
I bet you'll be totally enthralled like I did.

all photos (here resized or chopped down) by Hung Ng via 


  1. great inspirational post! thanks for sweet comm on my last post!

  2. Utterly, utterly gorgeous - I love the garden locations and aren't the headpieces incredible?

  3. Hello !
    These colors are beautiful.
    I love this mood.