Tuesday, 19 October 2010

flying in the face of convention

Money, work in progress, 2009
With his own metaphoric bitter irony Alexandros Vasmoulakis
all-around Greek freelance artist, defies the boundaries 
between drawing and painting, street art murals and gallery 
installation with a wandering yet distinctive inspiration. 
His wide open eyed individuals, as he refers to his figures,
stare directly the onlookers as trapped in motion 
grinning cheerfully or grotesquely revealing the 
teeth in a very impressive style.

Alex tries but misunderstands, 2008
If, Kino Siska, Ljubljana, 2010
I simply adore his artworks and most of all his king-size 
street murals, who fly in the face of convention, distinctive 
massive roadside portraits in which Joe Sorren's frowning 
style meets street art and graffiti to investigate the core
values of human nature driven by his own mood and his 
firsthand knowledge of popular culture and fine arts.

Yun & Yun, Urbans, Shenzhen, 2010
Maria, I still love you, Athens, 2009
 This is just a partial selection of the works I love but you 
have to check his online portfolio to fully understand 
the nature of his highbrow painting style on a 
variety of media and techniques including ink drawing,
collage and décollage, painting, photography and digital 
all fueled by his vivid imagination.

I'm feeling frisky, 2009


  1. wow this is so different.
    very nice!! =)

  2. his work is genius! thanks for sharing.