Friday, 1 October 2010

elegance done up Brown

British young designers pack quite a punch the fashion 
industry thanks to well-reputed fashion schools as well 
scouting out strategies to promote the most talented 
ones to a global audience, like British Fashion Council 
and Vauxhall Fashion Scout who established themself as 
leading platforms for design excellence and innovation.

Felicity Brown is a London-born designer who studied at 
the Royal College of Art and worked for Alberta Ferretti, 
Loewe, Mulberry and Lanvin before launching with her 
brother Henry her very own name label showcasing 
the debut collection at VFS in February.
A small, lovely couture collection made of silk ruffled 
dresses inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec's paintings, soon 
awarded with NewGen sponsorship for s/s 11.

Felicity's collection shows hand dyed short dresses in 
dipped blue, cream and pink in layered fabrics, a really 
soft silk mixed with thick organza with goffered 
frills twirled to resemble roses.
A charming natural elegance inspired by butterflies, 
kimonos and the 50's allure: so poetic and unique.

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  1. bellissimi quelli plissè wowww

  2. Cool dresses! Especially the first 2!

  3. Cara Elisabetta,

    Grazie mille per il tuo commento! Quello è chiaro che l'Italia classifica in alto. Noi abbiamo lavorato ed vivemmo in Cornuda,Treviso. Così perciò l'Italia rimane nei nostri cuori sempre!
    A me piace l'ultima desegna... Ché lavoro per cucire questo!

    Saluti con sole da Georgia/Estati Uniti,