Friday, 29 October 2010

autumn symphony

So sorry I made no post yesterday but I've been snowed under 
with urgent duties for a couple of days and this made me 
think of the first snow of the season which is gently 
falling up north, such as in the awesome city of St. Petersburg, 
Russia, where the riveting fashion shop AMBISH is located.

AMBISH sells the best collections of Russian designers women's
clothes and accessories following the latest trends but the shop
bears a unique vision: its interiors and clothes may be used by
photographers for photo shoots and they willingly welcome the
artworks of new designers.

Kristina Kislitsyna is the talented photographer who realized 
the shop's lookbook in a charming autumn mood showing 
professional models Xenia and Anastasia in the gardens of 
the gorgeous city surrounded by fallen leaves magnifying 
the elegant beauty of the collections currently on display.

Living and working in St. Petersburg, by specialty architect 
and interior designer, the young visual artist builds up a full 
and fascinating portrait of Ambish's range of dresses mastering 
the subject of fashion photography as a real professional 
in spite of taking pictures only as a leisure activity. 
Congrats Kris, you did it. 

Поздравляю тебя!


  1. amazing picture. lovely =)

  2. Great scarf on last photo.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Exelent! I dream of taking pictures like that.

  4. love these pictures, beautiful fall!

  5. This editorial is just so incredibly fresh - it's not just the models or location - it's the gorgeous clothes!! xo

  6. @PYSU: you're absolutely right, unfortunately I'm not able to track down their designers and it's to cold to fly to St. Petersburg. Have fun!

  7. wow, they did an amazing job with this campaign 0_0

  8. Yes, Kris! Thats right! You did do it! And its awesome and you know it))))