Thursday, 9 September 2010

worth the paper they're made of

British jewelry artist and landscape architect Jeremy
May is an unusual book lover who makes the papers
thank to his hand-crafted rings, bracelets and necklaces
made carving out the pages of 'dusty old tomes'.

Through the years he developed a careful process of
layering and lacquering cross-sections of preowned
books transforming them into wearable, stunning papermade,
definitely literary jewels.

Take a look at his “Book lovers” creations in which awesome 
jewels are re-inserted in the excavated space
of the book from which they were out, adding a 3D
elegant meaning to the written text: pure genius!

Each piece is obviously unique and impossible to
replicate (unless you hold a copy of the very same 
volume) and it comes with it's unique serial number.
You can always carry your fave book with you but
you must be able to read... between the lines.

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