Tuesday, 21 September 2010

what's more alive than crowdsourcing?

I guess you can't remember the crowdsourcing shoes 
design contest promoted by WMATY (What's More  
Alive Than You?) I posted back in June.
 WMATY is a new Italian manufacturer of high-end shoes, 
bags and fashion accessories whose products are 
designed by fine arts university students, architects and 
fashion designers as well by the broader community 
of those who simply have good ideas.

In the last few days WMATY unveiled the first contest
winners and both bags and shoes premiere permanent 
collections realized by the skilled young talents 
who answered the brand's creative call.
Needless to say the selected designs took months of 
hardworking to select the right materials and textures 
and moreover the elaborate craftsmanship, 
totally made in Italy, to manufacture each single product.

Let me briefly introduce you to some of these amazing 
shoes as well their authors but you have to check the 
custom built website to see them all, to examine each 
artwork in detail and to find out the designers profiles.
Enjoy people generated fashion and don't forget you too can 
be a WMATY winner designer just answering next contest call!

A_Recycle Shoes, Boring Pink/Boring Blue
designed by Liza Fredrika Åslund 
from Nyköping, Sweden

B_ Sushi Cover  *  C_Gyoza Twist
designed by Premrudee Leehacharoenkul 
from Bangkok, Thailand

D_Floral Shoes collection: 
upper The Charlotte, lower The Victoria
designed by Victoria
Louise Geaney 
from London, UK


  1. wow, love the floral shoes! And thanks for the comment :) x+o's

  2. Wow those are all crazy!! I agree, I like the floral ones! Great blog!

  3. Wow, they really are like individual works of art! My favorites are the first ones, I love the sculptural heels and more traditional vamp.

  4. My favorite is Last one,D!
    Black and purple is beautiful.
    These are interesting!

  5. I would totally wear the first ones.