Friday, 17 September 2010

warm knitted cocoons

“My collection is about surrealism, a modern take on it”
says student designer Nathalie Fordeyn talking about
her “A drummer in the tree” 4th year's collection.
Born in Bangkok, Thailand, studied in the Kingdom and
Scotland before graduating at Royal Academy
of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

Quite a talented designer, away from expection, showing
constructed knitwear designs with edgy sculptural knitted 
coats, creative shapes and new textures in a very abstract 
sense, with fantastic beehive-shaped knitted hats, 
something that really can't go unnoticed.

No wonder last year she was awarded with the Louis 
Award for the most remarkable student of 3rd year.
“I wanted people who look at my clothes and think how 
did  she make it, how does it work...” swear I can't predict 
what she will be able to produce in the future.

photos by Etienne Tordoir/

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