Friday, 10 September 2010

Takashi goes kinglike

Murakami is a very famed name and not only in Japan: 
Ryu and Haruki are the gifted writers while Takashi is the 
thought-provoking artist so popular for his cartoon-style 
paintings and sculptures as well for a countless 
number of manufactured products bearing his 
figure-signature, Mr. Dob.

Next week Takashi Murakami's first major retrospective 
will open doors and gardens of the Versailles Palace, 
southwest of Paris, presenting 22 main works, half of which 
created exclusively for this exhibition.
Château de Versailles and its landscaped area is one of the
most visited historical heritage places in the world and
the juxtaposition between shiny marbles, mirrors, gold 
and statues of Louis XIV age with the artist's dreamlike
pop creatures is flabbergasting.

This unique three months experience seeks to spark 
a reflection on the contemporary nature of our monuments 
and the undisputed need to create our own era by rediscovering 
the heritage site under the new light provided by Murakami's 
works and the emotions they can give beyond any cliché.
Extravagance de rigueur.

”Murakami Versailles” 
Château de Versailles, Paris  Sept. 14 > Dec. 12

1 comment:

  1. Yes,both Murakami are really fame:)
    Especially I love Haruki Murakami works.
    I know this exhibition.
    Maybe it's fantastic.
    And I look forward to watch "Nowegian Wood".
    It's movie of Haruki Murakami's novel story.
    Certainly it's great:)