Monday, 20 September 2010

metropolitan ethno-chic

Among the designers who showed their spring 2011 
collections yesterday in London Kinder Aggugini's and 
Basso & Brooke's have a few similarities.
Both the labels possess an ethnic inspiration, Aggugini 
has been deliberately inspired by Africa while 
Basso & Brooke by the theme of travel.

Both the collections alternate plain colors with digital 
prints, lean silhouettes with fluid shapes.
Kinder Aggugini, the talented Saville Row alumnus, 
played with African dress codes, geometric textures, 
tie-dyed prints with just a trace of leopard-print.

Basso & Brooke's typical prints mix and match this 
time is definitely low-fi being based on hand-written 
manuscripts and maps or abstract oddities 
with a flash of oxidized leopard pattern.
While Aggugini's woman is push-pulled between 
modern world and African exoticism the 
Basso & Brooke's one is unresolved amidst 
the pre-digital age and present-day lifestyle.

1 > 5 Aggugini's 6 > 8 B&B's - all photos by Yannis Vlamos/

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