Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lawlor galore

As you probably know from my older posts, I'm a big fan of
knitwear designs and the more sculptural they are the better
they are. Derek Lawlor defines himself a 'contemporary
knitwear designer' and pretty sure he is!

London's Central Saint Martins graduated the Sussex-born
young talent studied textile design specialising, guess what,
in knitwear and quickly developed a rich background working
for Michiko Koshino, VV Rouleaux and Japer Gardiva as well
an impressive fashion portfolio.

b&w pics by Rob Rowland
I'm just showing a limited selection of it with embellished dresses
in which lace and wax cord build sculptural shapes and some of
his previous Japan-inspired collections.

Marimekko's catwalk in Helsinki by Johnny Kangasniemi
My advice is to check Derek's website to get a wide showcase of
his works, even the latest “Back to basics”, the AW 2010-11or the
limited edition cashmere knitwear collection made for Finnish
brand Marimekko. Sheer bliss!

London's 'On/off' by catwalking.com

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