Sunday, 19 September 2010

kaleidoscopic visual language

photos 1 > 3 by Marcio Madeira/
Mary Katrantzou's AW 10-11 captured my attention 
last February at LFW for the dramatic use of oversized 
digital prints which evoked some of Gianni Versace's 
works of the 80's and even if I found them excessive 
and quite a bit odd they were undoubtedly a clever 
interpretation of the military style.

The Greek, London-based fashion designer, print and textile
expert who attended Rhode Island School of Design before
completing her BA and MA at London's Central Saint Martins,
showed rich and very feminine shift dresses inspired by
Madame de Pompadour with mega photographic printed
images of lace, jewels, medals and sashes.

Katrantzou's summer 2011 collection is forlornly the duplicate of it.
Once again massive digital prints of gardens, salons and white
mansions porches on sharp-angled dresses, stiff vest-jackets and
abat-jour shaped skirts in which vivid green and pink are mixed 
with pastel tones and plain black and white.

The whole collection concept and its hyperrealistic 
aesthetics is interesting nonetheless it looks to me 
excessively decorated and a bit sickly too.

photos 4 > 7 by Monica Feudi/


  1. These are great! I especially like the tables and windows prints.

  2. Very unique and interesting dresses! I love such figurative design. Thanks for sharing!