Monday, 27 September 2010

Foxe's editorials fandom

One more stunning fashion editorial by the well-known talented
duo of Financial Times' “How to spend it” magazine, stylist
Damian Foxe and photographer Andrew Yee showcasing the
key looks and trends for this autumn.

'HTSI' is the multi-award-winning magazine which has been
celebrating beauty and style in the last 15 years with sharp
insightful analysis of fashion trends and lavish images.

Damian Foxe, Sweden-born fashion journalist, stylist and
FT's style editor based in London, previously worked for
Time Out, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times and Vogue just
to name a few, is famous for his original approach to fashion
editorials as well for the distinguished competence.

This issue shows a whole range of trends with engaging
compositions made combining cutting edge perfect-fitting 
garments in the awe-inspiring photos taken by Andrew Yee
sheer plushness!


  1. remarkable, dark and beautiful climate all at the same time...

    Kisses from Poland :o)

  2. First image is amazing!
    I love last image.