Thursday, 2 September 2010

fashion magazines forefather

Le Petit Echo de la Mode” was the first feminine weekly magazine
ever, founded in Paris in 1880 by Charles de Penanster, he
recorded for more than a century the French society evolution 
as well the continuous development of couture and lifestyle.

Le Petit Echo de la Mode was an immediate success reaching
a pulling of 200.000 copies in the first few years and more 
than one million each week during the 50's and 60's.
By 1893 dress paper-models (Patrons-Modèles) were enclosed 
in the magazine whose sales quickly increased.

Here's one of my own P.E.M. issues, dated August the 15th, 1926,
which shows practical fashion tips, hat-dressing suggestions,
up-to-date underwear pieces as well job orientation thoughts.

Le Petit Echo de la Mode closed down in 1983 but everybody 
in France remember the magazine which acquired the status 
of national heritage with a dedicated website full of pictures 
and info about the progenitor of fashion magazines.


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