Tuesday, 28 September 2010

drop-dead heeled weapons

Just a little warning folks: these heeled shoes are designed to 
inflict pain or physical damage and, most of all, an insane 
impulse to possess each and every pair of them.

Aggressive, eccentric, awesome heeled strapped 
kind-of-a-weapon-shoes designed and realized by the ingenous 
20-something American designer Lauren Tennenbaum
a visionary talent inpired by a more-is-more philosophy 
with a penchant for Geoffrey Bennison's extravaganza, 
the world of bikers, rock crystals and rock stars.

Geoffrey Bennison, the English renowned antique dealer and 
decorator who shaped British style, firmly stated:  
“... put something mad on top of something good, 
or something very good on top of something mad” 
and this actually drives the young designer's
credo and her label (in)decorous taste.

Lauren makes her unique breathtaking platform harnessed 
and crystal spiked shoes working with leather, nails and crystals 
in a very skillful way fastening them with rivets and straps 
but she designs also likeable bags in a combo of linen and 
leather with solid brass chains building up a drop-dead gorgeous
look which isn't indecorous at all.

all photos by the talented designer/maker