Tuesday, 14 September 2010

the cheongsam philosophy

Bright and vibrant colors opposed to powder or whitewashed
palettes seen everywhere else in New York's Fashion Week
mark Alberta Ferretti's ”Philosophy” RTW spring 2011 
collection with Matisse-esque prints on chinoiseries.

Colorful cheongsam-like silhouettes, small frocks with 
dragon embroideries and pajama-like shorts in a triumph 
of vivid floral patterns, revisited koi prints paired with 
matching conical coolie hats communicate an eerie sensation.

All photos by Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com
Definitely a distinctive point of view but is it pure 
anticipation or just a stand out of the crowd voice?
I daresay Ferretti's collection is boring as a monochromic 
one: too many all over prints on similar shapes give the illusion 
to see always the very same dress, moreover Chinese references 
are overwhelming like too much sugar in your cup of coffee.


  1. love love love loveeeeeeee all of the pics those clothes are soooo amazing
    anyway tq so much for dropping a comment...do check out my newest post

  2. These fabrics are stunning, but I agree, it doesn't all come together to make a WOW collection. Perhaps one pattern mixed with more solids and more innovative silhouettes?
    Anyway, thanks for the comment! Feel free to come back to my page, or follow if you want!

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