Sunday, 22 August 2010

”you'll wet yourself!”

Are you ready to take a nose dive into beauty?
Yesterday in Seoul, South Korea, a stunning underwater 
show took place as part of a promotional event for 
a shopping mall's opening.

This amazing idea as well the lavish Hanboks, the South
Korean traditional dress, made by designer Park Sul-nyeo
are literally breathtaking!

Park Sul-nyeo is a lady designer whose creations are well
known for their precise stitching and marvelous designs
and she's undoubtedly a virtouso of Hanbok cook up.

The Hanbok is usually worn on special occasions such
as weddings and family gatherings but many people break
the tradition dressing it up in a suit, needless to say that
good Hanboks are extremely difficult to be made and its
rich workmanship takes time, dedication and a great skill.

photo credits: Lee Jin-man AP  via: corsera/asianewsnet


  1. wow those are cool pics! thanks for the poem, it was so cute! x

  2. First image is so beautiful...!
    These color are breathtaking!

  3. hi mikapoka!!
    I'm a HUGE fan of Korea !!
    Korean are so creative ...i love the idea ,the clothes and everything.
    thank you for sharing ^_^