Thursday, 5 August 2010

who's that girl?

Yesterday was the launch day of ”Material Girl” junior's 
collection at Macy's Herald Square, NYC, the debut clothing 
line by Madonna and her offspring Lourdes, a.k.a. Lola.

She may conceivably had been overborne by her mother's brawny
influence yet Lourdes shows a real cute style for a girl her age 
with simple, disposable garments for independent teens.

The whole collection serving the fall 2010 season echoes the 80's
while lifting from Madonna's own professional history and looks
displaying low-cost outfits (price point is highly affordable ranging
from $12 to $40 exclusively at Macy's stores and online) with dressing
in layers items and some good pairable pieces: denim shorts,
biker-inspired jackets and tartan blazers, crop tops, lots of leggings,
cute graphic tees, tulle mini-skirts as well footwear 
and a wide variety of accessories.

Low-cost seems to be the new frontier in retailing new products,
Madge and daughter have definitely the right value-added dynamic
to step into it; the preppy young designer created also a blog 
on the MG collection to share fashion tips and style thoughts.
Fast-fashion has a new young mentor.

photo credits: Getty Images, NBC New York, WWD
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  1. wow..such a cute blog.....and inspiring tho ;)
    very pleasant to read your comment upon my blog previously...thanks so much appreciate it a lot ;)
    hope we can stay connect from now on
    welcome friend


  2. Hi, Thanks for stopping by
    Apart from Paris and London, I really LOVE Amsterdam, it is such a sweet and warm city, sucks that I dun speak Dutch, otherwise I will go there, just by myself and explore the city in more detail.


  3. Thank you for appreciation! Check my lookville profile if you want!


  4. What an amazing collection, I want to rock all of them!!! LOVE this post babe!!! keep in touch!!! MWAH, Jemina, xoxo

  5. OMG! I love the collectio, I wish we had it in Portugal.

    By the way...I was so touched with your comment, so sweet of you

  6. Good job Madonna :)

    really like the colection,special that orange with details dress woow
    to bad i live in Europe and can't go in the US and buy...

  7. Ooh! everything looks cool!! :D
    80s style is one of my favourite style!!<3