Saturday, 28 August 2010

VW's shoes exhibition

Apollo winged shoe, 1988
If you ask my hubby what VW stands for he will promptly
reply VolksWagen but for me VW initials are a longtime
byword for British fashion's queen: Vivienne Westood.

Ankle tie with mirror eyelet boot, 1989
Ankle tie with mirror eyelet shoe, 1989
Elevated tartan lace-up shoes, 1992
A well-deserved retrospective of her eye-popping shoes
designs is under way in London's Selfridges Ultralounge
this summer. God save the Fashion Queen!

Mock-crock elevated gillies, 1993
Super elevated lace-up ankle boot, 1993
Louis Vuitton boot, 1995
photo credits: Getty images via:


  1. these are some pretty awesome shoes!

  2. Love VW! I am a huge fan of her Melissa shoes!

  3. I want to see these amazing works!
    Very interesting works.