Monday, 23 August 2010

ÚNA=Uncanny Narrowish Armors

Awe-inspiring carcass-like corsets hand crafted from vegetable
tanned leather in a pale sandy shade representative of human flesh
molded in a sort of suit of armor are the staggering creations made
by Ireland-born, London based designer Úna Burke.

Fashion design BA graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design
Úna worked with several fashion companies including Burberry and
Smythson before moving to London where she completed an MA in
Fashion Artefact with London College of Fashion, was awarded 
a distinction and won the ”Off Catwalk Award for Design”.

Works of art or uncommon fashion accessories?
Both of them, indeed. ”Through my work I continually aim 
to create leather objects wich are both visually 
captivating and technically challenging. (...) 
They are free to exist just as the objects they are,
 interpreted independently by each individual...” she writes 
in her website artist's statement.

The result are these otherworldly creations which can be combined
with other garments and worn as sculptural bodypieces, amazingly
suited for catwalk projects for their own unbeatable allure.
No wonder her work has been recently requested by influential 
stylists as well show biz stars and starlets.

photo credits: Rebecca Parkes


  1. Very artistic work! I LOVE studded things. :D

  2. Love these! But I wonder who would actually wear them!

  3. It's amazing work!
    2nd and 4th photo is my favorite.
    This detail is very interesting.