Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tex-Mex shod in Kirkwood's

Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the talented sisters designers 
behind Rodarte ready-to-wear fashion label whose name 
is well known for previous collections of silk dresses adorned 
with peacock feathers themed around the romantic West, 
nature and their own family linage: 
a powerful American frame of mind.

I have to admit I'm not in love with their latest fall/winter 2010/11 
collection which has been inspired by their Mexican roots, 
what I really like is the materials mixing as well the details: 
laces and fringes, tartan and chiffon, knit socks and 
lace leggings, strips of ribbon and patchworks, all of them
helpful in giving us hints and tips for making our own 
personal outfits next winter.

I've been actually stunned by the shoes, created by  
Nicholas Kirkwood: they have a romantic as well tough taste, 
with skillfully combined details coming both from
sport and formal shoes, high heeled yet so cleverly
designed you can comfortably walk with.

photo credits: Marcio Madeira via:


  1. I'm with you. The quality of the materials is wonderful, but a little bit too much how they mixed them. I love the shoes!

  2. Being Mexican, I really, really, really wanted to like this collection, but I couldn't force myself to do so.
    The shoes however, I was mesmerized by. I just love Nicholas Kirkwood. He can do no wrong!

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  3. I love love love the shoes!