Saturday, 7 August 2010

nonsense fashion & ongoing dreams

”Like everything in life, Gilles et Dada is useless.
Without pretension, as life should be.
And yet we still have our dreams”.

This powerful declaration, smartly adapted from 
”Lecture on Dada” by Tristan Tzara, can be red on the 
home page of ”Gilles et Dada” brand.

Gilles et Dada is a Helsinki, Finland based ”nonsense art 
fashionbrand for men and women” with a very distinctive style 
created and run by Federico Cabrera, photographer and 
designer born in Argentina together with Jasmin Mishima
Japanese designer and stylist.

A very talented and creative twosome skilled enough to design
strong and wearable garments as well to make original photo shoots, 
styling, post production and even to ballyhoo their own creations.
Not to mention their own three spruce websites, each one related
to a section of their multiform activity.

Let me keep you posted about their cutting-edge array:
”Between” is G&D's 2010 spring/summer collection, a series 
of clothes ”inspired by one of the many dilemmas of our time” 
set in black & white flattering dresses with giant polka dots, 
black jumpsuits and wide maxi tees and pants.

”Crash” is the fall/winter 2010 women's collection named 
from a mirror falling into pieces and even Cabrera's pictures 
are graphically shattered ” enlighten the path to 
the dream we haven't dreamed yet”. 

”NOSTYLEBUTGOODSENSE” is the brand's online shop selling
stunning graphic tees with b&w prints in pure Gilles et Dada's style.
This eclectic duo may work nonsensically heads in the clouds
but their creations undoubtedly have feet on the ground.


  1. love the photos... and the use of black/white/red

  2. 4th and last is my favorite photo.
    These are wonderful photos.