Monday, 16 August 2010

has the cat got your tongue?

He definitely got mine: when I laid my eyes on the amazing
androgynous catlike collection's aesthetic by Singapore 
based emerging designer Max Tan I was spellbound.

His AW 2010-11 ”Against” collection shows geometric 
constructed or better deconstructed minimal dresses with 
fantastic slim silhouettes, sometimes deliberately 
a bit out of proportions, crackerjack draping 
and tailoring techniques.

The sumptuous utilization of fabrics as well the iconoclastic 
use of academically wrong details in lines and shapes 
create an original monochromatic collection pushing 
the boundaries of what is deemed right and wrong 
in fashion's traditional drafting.

photographer May Lin Le Goff, art director Ashburn Eng
Max Tan aims to change the stereotypical image of 
mainstream fashion industry trying to engage people to 
relate more to fashion which is other than what is 
presented to them on a commercial platform. 
A real captivating, feline challenge.


  1. the phots are amazing, love the cat thing.

  2. Great designs! i am in love with the heels!

  3. amazing designs...the cat head piece is just amazing, really did the magic for the collection...
    Love your blog, will be following...very different... thank you for your comment on my blog really means a lot to me :)

  4. Amazing....!
    Maybe she is Tao...?(Japanese model)
    I love this mood.